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SCI 115 Week 7 Quiz Answers

SCI 115 Week 7 Quiz Answers



  1. An unusual, worldwide formation of sedimentary rock called the K–Pg boundary sequence contains rare elements that are associated with a(n) ____.​a.​large earthquakeb.​asteroid impactc.worldwide flood​d.​Ice Agee.​volcanic eruption

3 points  


  1. The discovery of immense ridges and trenches stretching thousands of kilometers across the seafloor in the 1950’s led to acceptance of the theory of ____.​a.​natural selectionb.magnetic poles​c.​creationismd.​evolutione.​plate tectonics

3 points  


  1. Master genes that affect development tend to be highly ____; therefore, similarities in patterns of embryonic development reflect shared ancestry that can be evolutionarily ancient.​a.​mutatedb.related​c.homologous​d.​conservede.degraded​

3 points  


  1. Hind leg bones in whales are an example of ____ structures.​a.vestigial​b.​analogousc.​adaptived.​homologouse.​fossilized

3 points  


  1. When a certain form of a trait increases the fitness of the individual, this allele will tend to ____ over time.​a.​decrease in frequency in the populationb.​affect the function of vestigial structuresc.​lead to extinction of the populationd.​be eliminated from the populatione.​increase in frequency in the population

3 points  


  1. ​Two species of toads have been successfully interbred in a laboratory but do not hybridize in nature because one species mates in summer and the other mates in the fall. This is an example of ____ isolation.a.​inbredb.​physicalc.​reproductived.​genetice.​ecological

3 points  


  1. ​The movement of alleles among populations is called _____.a.​gene flowb.​bottleneckc.​genetic driftd.​founder effecte.​mutation

3 points  


  1. ​The observation that female lions prefer male lions with darker manes is an example of ____.a.​dominanceb.​sexual selectionc.​directional selectiond.​disruptive selectione.​a sexual handicap

3 points  


  1. ​With the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, multiple niches that the dinosaurs once filled opened up and allowed mammals the opportunity to evolve and exploit those niches. This is an example of ____.a.​sympatric speciationb.​phylogenyc.​phylogenetic isolationd.​adaptive radiatione.​reproductive isolation

3 points  


  1. ​All of the alleles in a population make up the ____.a.​species diversityb.​species richnessc.​genomed.​species abundancee.​gene pool

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