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Questions Preparatoir

Questions Preparatoir

Find below are short answer questions , no references needed. Exam preparation:


1. Review respiratory anatomy.

2. Describe the usual order of exam and normal exam findings.

3. What sounds would you anticipate hearing during a normal exam, and where would you expect to find them?

· Vesicular

· Bronchial

· Bronchovesicular

4. What are signs of respiratory distress?

5. Describe anatomical changes seen as a result of longstanding respiratory disorders.

6. Describe tactile fremitus

7. Describe sounds heard as you percuss the chest. What sounds do you expect to find in a normal exam, and where do you anticipating hearing them?

8. Describe adventitious breath sounds. Crackles fine/coarse, wheezes, rhonchi. Identify some conditions where you would hear these findings.

9. What is the significance of testing for egophony? Whispered pectoriloquy?

Charting Pediatric milestone:

1. Describe what subjective data means. Identify examples.

2. Describe what objective data means. Identify examples.

3. What goes where in your note? Where would you document these findings?


· Pt denies headache

· FSBS done in office 128

· 10 yo female c/o ear pain x 2 days

· A1C last month 6.4

4. Consider important pediatric developmental milestones. Arrange the following milestones in order of when they occur — earliest to latest. Be familiar with anticipated timeframes of developmental milestones.

· Imitate sounds

· Walk

· Sit up

· Ride bicycle

· Ride tricycle

· Smile

· Roll over

5. Normals for basic vitals measurements across the lifespan

6. T, P, R, BP, BMI


1. Review recording of subjective and objective findings for HEENT.

2. Consider the usual order of exam for HEENT. What changes in the usual order would you anticipate based on the age of the patient or based on the presenting complaint?

3. Review usual findings of the HEENT exam. What changes are seen for younger or older patients?

4. How do you perform the Weber test? What’s the normal result? Explain what changes to the normal findings would indicate.

5. How do you perform the Rinne test? What’s the normal result? Explain what changes to the normal findings would indicate.

6. Make a chart for grading tonsils. List the grade and what that grade represents.

7. Review anatomy of sinuses and where they are located.

8. Review Snellen test results. What does 20/20 mean? 20/40? 20/10?

9. What options are available instead of the Snellen to test visual acuity for younger children?

10. Review fundoscopic exam findings. What is normal? What might the absence of a red reflex indicate?

11. Describe the appearance of a cataract.

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