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  • Define Pathogen
  • Define Infectious disease
  • Define Infection
  • Define Primary Infection
  • Define Secondary Infection
  • Define Opportunistic Infection
  • Define Accidental Infection
  • Define Pathogenicity
  • Define Virulence
  • Define Virulence Factors
  • Define Lethal dose
  • Outline the 4 steps a pathogen must complete to cause an infectious disease
  • What is the difference between direct and indirect transmission? Provide examples
  • What is a common vehicle transmission? Provide examples
  • What is the criteria for Airborne transmission? Provide examples
  • What are 3 criteria about skin that makes it an effective barrier against microbes?
  • What are 3 criteria about mucous membranes that makes it an effective barrier against microbes?
  • List one example of how a pathogen might penetrate a skin or mucous membrane barrier
  • Define Exotoxin and list at least 4 features they have
  • Define Endotoxin and list at least 4 features they have
  • List an example of a waterborne transmission disease
  • List an example of a airborne transmission disease
  • List an example of a contact transmission disease
  • List an example of a vector transmission disease
  • Influenza virus has an envelope that contains 2 types of protein spikes. Name and describe them
  • Why are spike antigens good at evolving?
  • Name 3 characteristics about latent and slow (persistent) Viral Infections
  • How are viruses able to bring about cancer cell division?
  • Describe the difference between Viruses and Retroviruses in regards to cancer development
  • What is a vaccination?
  • Define Attenuated Vaccines
  • Define Inactivated Vaccines
  • Define Subunit Vaccines
  • Define DNA Vaccines
  • Define Cutaneous Mycoses and its effect in humans


  • Define Sterilization
  • Define Bactericidal
  • Define Bacteriostatic
  • Describe sterilization by heat
  • Describe sterilization by irradiation
  • Describe sterilization by filtration
  • What is disinfection?
  • List and describe 3 types of disinfectants
  • Describe the Kinetics of Cell death
  • Draw and describe the kinetics of cell death for any microorganisms.


  • Define Antibiotic
  • What is a key component of antibiotics?
  • Define Infection
  • Name 5 antibiotics and the diseases they are typically used for
  • Name and describe 6 properties that antibiotics should have
  • What are 4 ways that antibiotics work?
  • Describe and give an example of disruption of cell membranes as it relates to antibiotics
  • Describe and give an example of inhibition of protein synthesis as it relates to antibiotics
  • Describe and give an example of inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis  as it relates to antibiotics
  • Summarize in 5 sentences resistance to antibiotics
  • Provide 5 examples and describe 5 different ways bacteria can be resistant to antibiotics
  • Summarize in 5 sentences how bacteria resistance arises
  • Describe the pros and cons between broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum antibiotics in 3 sentences
  • Define an Antiviral
  • Why are antiviral drugs not as common as antibacterial drugs?
  • List and provide a example of the 4 ways antivirals work
  • Describe how Antifungals work
  • List and describe 5 examples of Antifungal agents
  • Why is it hard to target Antiprotozoal Agents?
  • List and describe examples of Antiprotozoal Agents (At least 3)
  • Give a 3 sentence summary on the future of Antimicrobials (in your own words)

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