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Exam 500319RR Agency Employment Law

Exam 500319RR Agency Employment Law


1.   Chandra is an invalid and therefore can’t put her signature on her will. Her friend Nina signs the will for her. When Nina signs on f her. When Nina signs on behalf of Chandra, there’s no one else in the house. Is the will valid?



 A. No, since Nina didn’t     date it. 


 B. Yes, since Chandra was     present during the time the will was signed. 


 C. Yes, since Chandra is     presumed to be mentally competent. 


D.     No, since there were no witnesses present during the signing of the will. 


2.   Carl runs a gas station on Macy Boulevard. Macy       Boulevard’s zoning doesn’t permit use of property as a a gas a gas       station. Carl is in a a gas station. Carl is in violation of zoning laws       unless 



 A. no one complains. 


B. Carl’s use began before the zoning law         prohibiting gas stations was adopted. 


 C. the zoning law         would cause hardship to Carl. 


 D. Carl’s use began         after the zoning law prohibiting gas stations was ad


3.   Mildred deeded property to her daughter,           Victoria. The deed explicitly stated that Mildred would remain the           owner of the property in in the owner of the property for the           remainder of her life and that at her death, Victoria would become           the owner of the property. What  owner of the property. What type of           possessory interest does Mildred possess after the transaction? 



 A. Easement             appurtenant 


 B. Remainder 


C. Life estate 


 D. Fee simple             absolute 


4.   Trudy had been a               constant companion of Gertrude. When Gertrude died, she left               Trudy $10,000 in her will. On what basis might other will. On what basis might other heirs               attempt to challenge the $10,000 gift? 



A. Undue influence 


 B. Unsound                 mind 


 C. Improper                 execution 


 D. Improper                 heirship


5.   A _______ trust is                   one that’s created by a will. 



 A. testamentary 


 B. living 


 C. conveyance in 


 D. declaration of 


6.   Joe, an outspoken union advocate                       working in the shipping department at Frontline Co. for                       the past 10 years, is transferred to clean ears is                       transferred to clean out the oil pit. Joe is also paid                       less for this job. Joe has several allergic reactions to                       the oil and quits the  to the oil and quits the                       company due to health reasons. Frontline Co. has 



 A. engaged in                         constructive discharge. 


 B. exercised lawful                         management rights. 


 C. made a discriminatory                         decision in violation of the Civil Rights Act. 


 D. established a closed shop.                         


7.   AML Union                           tells Standard Co. during contract negotiations that                           “unfortunate events may occur” if Standard                           doesn’t agree to most of dard doesn’t agree to most                           of the union contract proposals. The next day, two                           Standard Co. trucks burn. AML Union has 


ML Union has                              


 A.                             exercised its First Amendment rights. 


 B. not bargained in good                             faith. 


 C.                             engaged in destructive bargaining. 


 D.                             made a statement of opinion. 


8.   A/an _______ is an                               example of tangible property. 



                                 A. account receivable 


                                 B. share of corporate stock 


C. iPhone 


                                 D. promissory note 


9.   Carl has his lawyer                                   prepare his will. Wanting to make a few minor                                   changes, Carl places some handwritten words                                   in the margins, ten ten words in the margins,                                   initials them, and scratches out words in the                                   typed text. Carl’s changes 



                                     A. create a new will. 


 B. are legally                                     ineffective. 


                                     C. amend the typed will. 


                                     D. create a codicil. 


10.                                         Tom dies, and in his will, he                                       names Pinson as the personal                                       representative of his estate. Pinson                                       decides to sell Tom’s house to Sally. To                                       sell Toms house to Sally. Pinson could                                       transfer title to Sally by means of 



                                         A. a license issued by the court. 


B. the                                         decree of the probate court judge. 


                                         C. the sworn statement of Pinson. 


                                         D. the probate court records. 


11.   Morgan, a                                         resident of New York, had an antique                                         car collection garaged in New Jersey.                                         The car titles were kept in a safety                                         deposit box of a bank in Delaware. If                                         Morgan dies intestate, the law of which                                         state will determine the ownership of                                         the cars? 



                                         A. New Jersey 


B. New York                                         


                                         C. New Jersey, New York, and Delaware 


                                         D. Delaware 


12.   Smith, an                                         agent, buys and sells used computer                                         equipment on behalf of New Life                                         Technologies, Inc. In the absence of an                                         agreement, which of the following tasks                                         may Smith delegate to Elizabeth? 



                                         A. The authority to buy and sell used                                         computer equipment 


B. Keeping                                         a record of transactions Smith                                         undertakes on behalf of New Life 


                                         C. Estimating the fair market value of                                         used computer equipment 


                                         D. The authority to fix the selling                                         price of used computer equipment 


13.   Agnes                                         borrowed a cup of sugar from her                                         next-door neighbor. She intended to                                         return the sugar the next day. This                                         transaction was a 



                                         A. mutual-benefit bailment. 


 B. mutuum.                                         


                                         C. bailment for the sole benefit of the                                         bailee. 


                                         D. bailment for the sole benefit of the                                         bailor. 


14.   Darius wrote                                         a will leaving his property in equal                                         shares “to all my friends,”                                         which he dated and signed. Is the will                                         valid? 



A. Yes,                                         since he has dated and signed it. 


                                         B. No, since there’s a numerical limit                                         to the number of legal heirs. 


                                         C. Probably not, since the language of                                         the will is ambiguous. 


                                         D. Yes, most likely, since the document                                         expresses Darius’ intent. 


14.   Darius wrote                                         a will leaving his property in equal                                         shares “to all my friends,”                                         which he dated and signed. Is the will                                         valid? 



                                         A. Yes, since he has dated and signed                                         it. 


                                         B. No, since there’s a numerical limit                                         to the number of legal heirs. 


                                         C. Probably not, since the language of                                         the will is ambiguous. 


                                         D. Yes, most likely, since the document                                         expresses Darius’ intent. 


15.   Sally has a                                         right of way to cross Bob’s property to                                         get access to her own property. Which                                         of the following statements is true?



                                         A. Sally and Bob both own an easement. 


                                         B. Bob owns an easement. 


                                         C. Sally has the dominant tenement                                         because she enjoys the easement. 


                                         D. Bob has the dominant tenement                                         because he enjoys the easement. 




   A. Sally and Bob both own an easement. 


   B. Bob owns an easement. 


C. Sally has the dominant tenement because she enjoys the   easement. 


   D. Bob has the dominant tenement because he enjoys the easement. 


16.     Leopold owns 100 acres in a remote place that he rarely visits. One   day, Kate sets up camp in the middle of the 100 acres and ends up living on   the land and using the land for her provisions for 15 years. If it’s found   that Kate owns this land due, it’s most likely due to 



 A. quitclaim deed. 


B.     adverse possession. 


 C. warranty deed. 


 D. inheritance. 


17.     What is an advance directive? 



A.     It gives medical care instructions if a person is incapable of giving     instructions. 


 B. It gives instructions     to an executor or administrator regarding settling the estate. 


 C. It states what a     person wants to happen to his or her property on death. 


 D. It directs a trustee     regarding administration of property for a child. 


18.   Lucy’s stepfather, Zed, passed away intestate       when she was 19. Zed had never adopted Lucy, but they were much closer       than most fathers and daughters. As a stepdaughter 



 A. Lucy has a limited         right of inheritance, since she wasn’t adopted. 


 B. Lucy’s legal         rights of inheritance are the same as those of adopted children. 


 C. Lucy’s legal         rights of inheritance are the same as those of Zed’s natural children. 


 D. Lucy has no right of inheritance, since she         wasn’t adopted. 



19.   Elmer is a tenant in possession, but his     possession is wrongful. Elmer has a 



 A. tenancy for years. 


 B. tenancy at will. 


 C. periodic tenancy. 


D. tenancy at sufferance. 



20.   Sal hires Antoinette to sell his house and gives     her power of attorney that authorizes her to do, but the power of attorney     says nothing about price. Sal tells Antoinette to take nothing less than     $200,000. Harry offers Antoinette $195,000 for the house, and Antoinette     accepts. If Sal is bound by the sale contract, the most likely     reason is __________ authority. 



 A. actual 


 B. implied 


C. apparent 


 D. express 

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