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How to write A Research Paper Coursework| A Complete Guide

How to write A Research Paper Coursework| A Complete Guide

How to write A Research Paper Coursework| A Complete Guide

How to write A Research Paper

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This article is an extensive explanation of how to write a research paper step by step.

What is a research paper?

A research paper is a section of academic writing that is used to appraise a student’s research skills in the analysis of a single topic and interpretation based on empirical observation. The research paper comprises an introduction commencing with a hook in addition to a compelling thesis statement towards the end. This is followed by the body paragraphs expounding on the background information and a conclusion wrapping up the paper.

How to write a thesis for a research paper

A thesis statement is a sentence that summarizes the focal point of your essay appearing toward the end of the introduction of your research paper. It must be concise, argumentative, and consistent to clearly state your main idea. The following are the steps for writing a thesis statement

1.     Start with a question

Here you come up with an initial thesis that guides you on the structure and direction of your work. Decide on your essay topic. If you are not assigned a thesis question create your own.

2.     Write your research answer

In this step, you formulate a preliminary answer to your thesis statement.

3.     Develop your answer

Interpret your evidence and explain why it answers your thesis question.

4.     Refine your thesis statement

Finally, you must tell the reader why you hold your position, what they’ll learn from your essay as well as the key points of your argument.

Research Paper writing format

How to write A Research Paper

The research paper writing format is different for each paper depending on the style proposed by your instructor in the assignment guidelines. In most cases, research papers will follow either the Modern Language Association (MLA) or American Psychological Association (APA).  On top of MLA and APA styles, occasionally they will follow Chicago, AMA, Turabian, and IEEE.

MLA format research paper.

MLA style formatting system structures and references research papers with the intent to cite the sources used correctly as well as designing the list of the bibliography references. MLA format research paper is mostly used by students in English, Literature, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The following are the rules for writing an MLA format research paper

The recommended fonts include Times New Roman or Arial 12pt size

1.     Apply double-line spacing in the main content

2.     ½ inch hanging indent for every new paragraph

3.     Set 1-inch page margins in MS Word

4.     Center your title

5.     Include the MLA header only on the first page of your research paper

6.     Bibliography page with “Works cited” title on the top and center of the first page including your citations.

Research paper Examples

Research paper examples are a boost to students in the completion of their assignments effectively and timely. Many college departments put in place libraries where they place research paper samples of lecturers, professionals and previous students to be studied by the current students. The following are research paper examples

1.     Education research papers

2.     Economics research papers

3.     Communication research papers

4.     Art research papers

Coursework research papers

Coursework is a typical academic assignment given in the course of study in the form of a thesis, dissertation, project, and paper and it must be submitted before the semester closes. The following are examples of coursework

1.     English coursework. In most cases, they are in form of an extended essay and here the student has a right to pick the topic.

2.     Sciences coursework. Appear in the form of a scientific paper, project, or experiment.

3.     Geography coursework. Involve collecting, reporting, and evaluation of data in a Geographical situation.


Follow this step-by-step guide while writing a research paper

1.     Understanding the assignment

 This is the first step of writing a research paper where you carefully read and understand the assignment guidelines and prompt. It’s here you consider your word limit and the period of your research to ensure you gather enough evidence within the stipulated time. Follow the next steps on How to write a research paper and proceed with your assignment.

2.     Choose your topic

Numerous ways are used to generate Research paper ideas including either brainstorming or discussion with a fellow student/professor or free writing. This is an important decision that dictates that you choose your topic to determine the flow of your paper. It must be an interesting topic that meets the requirements of your assignment as well as is accessible enough for research purposes.

3.     Gather preliminary research

Research from both primary and secondary sources is essential to clarify your topic and form the basis of your thesis statement. When conducting your research it’s better to flip on the sources where you set aside the useful sources to read later as well as omit the irrelevant ones. Compile the list of the possible sources to form the basis of your research paper literature review.

4.     Write a thesis statement

Using your preliminary research findings write a thesis statement that summarizes your research paper. Your thesis statement will be an important tool for your readers to assess whether your paper suits their research. For your thesis statement to be outstanding it must mention all the key points of the discussion.

5.     Create a research paper outline

Your research paper outline must address all the important issues of your discussion. Survey the background information gathered during your research on How to write a research paper to come up with the precise order to present the information. If your information is bulky, paragraph your outline to stay organized, and also remember to incorporate your supporting evidence in your outline.

6.     Write the first draft

For your first draft, you start by writing an introduction that commences with a hook or catchy sentence to grab your reader’s attention followed by a compelling thesis statement near its end. Next, you arrange the body paragraphs that explain all the major points and arguments related to your thesis statement. Lastly the conclusion where you wrap up the paper with a concluding sentence also remember to cite your resources correctly to avoid any plagiarism issues.

7.     Write the introduction

The Research paper introduction comprises the scope of your topic, background, and significance. First, you introduce your topic with a hook to expound on its scope and importance as well as describe the background of your research either argumentative or empirical. Then you validate your research problem to describe your objectives and finally write a brief overview of the rest of the paper.

8.     Write a compelling body of text

Here you categorize the data presented in your research paper by arranging the information and the arguments in the most preferred order. Compare topic sentences against each other, against the thesis statement, and each sentence to remain focused. Use transition sentences between your paragraphs and sections to emphasize the logical relation between ideas as well as to ensure a smooth flow of your essay.

9.     Conclusion

The research paper conclusion is intended to wrap up the whole paper by convincing your readers of the paper’s argument thus creating an aura of conclusiveness. You must affirm your thesis statement to ensure your reader comprehends how you have settled the issues originating in the introduction. Then elaborate on the consequences of your argument as well as the outline of the future benefits of your paper to the students or any unanswered paper argument.

10. Edit and proofread

Your last step is proofreading your research paper to correct all the errors as well as polishing your work and it is recommended twice. Once for adding the missing important parts of the paper or removing the irrelevant parts as well as reconstructing your paragraphs. Then once for checking all spelling mistakes, pronunciation, and, all the other grammatical issues, incorporate a digital writing assistant like Grammarly.

Final Thoughts

Since a coursework assignment evaluates college and university students understanding of a particular course in a semester, then it must be completed and submitted before the semester closes. When you follow the above guide on how to write a research paper coursework step by step you will be assured of a high grade. In case you find the task daunting and time-consuming you can always hire our services to write the coursework for you.

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